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Call Now for Your Personalized Payroll Quote
Phone: 239-245-7329
Cell: 239-229-3802



Front Line Staffing specializes in quality Staffing, Recruiting, and Payroll Services in Florida. Have a look at the brief list of our services below:


Front Line takes the headache out of your workers compensation management. We guarantee low rates by distributing the workers’ compensation risk over a very large number of employees and disciplines. This practice enables us to keep claim costs down and pass the savings on to you.


Handling time consuming and complex administrative tasks on your own proves to be an added burden. That’s where we step in to take off your load so that you can focus more on things you do best, building & growing your company.

Our payroll services include the following:

  • Accurate, On-Time Payroll Processing
  • Job Cost/Departmental Payroll Processing
  • Easy/Secure Online Payroll Submissions
  • Garnishment and Child Support Deductions and Administration
  • Direct Deposits
  • Money Network Pay Cards
  • W-2 Administration
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Payroll Terms


Front Line Staffing is able to offer you what no other payroll service or PEO can offer, invoicing on your weekly payroll. There will be no automatic withdrawals from your business account or having to have a certified check to exchange for your payroll checks. We simply invoice your weekly payroll and give you the time to receive payment from your clients before having to pay your employees.


Front Line Staffing offers a complete package of Employee Benefits from health insurance to life insurance. Our team of experts is there to help you design a program that works best for your company.

Our employee benefit services are not only the best in the market but they are also less expensive than what some companies can obtain on their own. So rest assured as we take the burden and requirements of health care reform off your shoulders.


For achieving your business goals, it’s critical to hire the right talent for your organization. At Front Line Staffing, we do that for you. With our recruitment services in Florida, you can focus on growing your business while we work hard to find you the talent you need.

We offer a customized recruitment process in-line with your business goals and hiring guidelines. Right from candidate screening to background checks and verification, we help you select the best of the lot. We also assist you in complying with the state and federal regulations. As we take the guesswork out of hiring, you can make informed hiring decisions.

To conclude we specialize and take pride in our Staffing, recruiting, payroll services. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.